Guidance & Education

Guidance & Education

Informing, Educating and Training your Business

Cyber threats never stand still. They constantly evolve and mutate, becoming evermore sophisticated and damaging. We can help your business stay ahead, keeping you and your staff up-to-date with sophisticated training for current and emerging topics in cyber security.

Our approach can be tailored to a wide variety of abilities and technical knowledge, suitable for company executives and network administrators alike. We offer a comprehensive programme that covers all aspects of threats and defences.

Executive Coaching

We understand that business executives have many demands on their time. That’s why we offer a wide variety of courses perfectly suited to make the most of their precious time. These mini training sessions include, but are by no means limited to:

  • Introduction to Cyber Security
  • Mobile Devices: Threats and Vulnerabilities
  • Spear Phishing: Don’t Fall Victim
  • Your Business isn’t the Only Target


Keeping your workforce up to date with emerging cyber threats is critical to maintaining your defences and flourishing in the online world. We can help inform, train and educate your business to achieve this and minimise the risks you will face on a daily basis.

Courses on offer will be detailed here shortly.


Interested in any of our offerings? Please contact us to tailor a training plan specifically to your business. If you want something you don’t see, let us know. We will work with you to develop a training offering geared to your unique requirements.